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Zulu Blonde launched internationally in April 2010 where brewmaster Richards Chennells brewed Zulu Blonde Export Ale at Marstons Brewery in Burton-upon-Trent in the UK to supply 800 pubs for the JDWetherspoons International REAL ALE FESTIVAL. Out of 50 different ales Zulu Blonde was voted number 1 and sold out in the first week of the three-week festival. Because of its success, Richard was invited back to the UK to brew another 120 000 pints at Everards Brewery in Leicester, and Zulu Blonde went back into Wetherspoons’ 800 pubs in time for the Fifa 2010 World Cup Kick off.

Zulu Blonde now has contract brewing operations in South Africa (Nottingham Road Brewery) and the UK (Everards) and will shortly have operations in the Czech Republic and Belgium.


“Just like you get different kinds of wine you also get different kinds of beer, and blonde is a style of beer. The technical side of a blonde is half wheat and half barley, although we don’t put too much wheat in it because I don’t want it to be too sweet. That’s why it’s such a good beer because it isn’t too sweet.

A lot of women also like my beer. And obviously with the brewery being in Zululand, the name Zulu Blonde came about. The brand worked so well because immediately the person’s mind is ticking: what is a Zulu blonde, it is a blonde-haired Zulu? But at the same time they are thinking, you know what, a blonde is a kind of beer. “

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