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The theme is “Brew Pub”

With Zulu Blonde on tap and the Zululand Brewing Company original story and unique feel. Our clientele are relaxed yet sophisticated. The design is a cool but cosy with a stylish look. We have a contemporary Zulu design with traditional textures, artefacts and colours bringing in 19th Century Zululand architecture and design. Historical and regal pictures of Zulu victories, rituals and dress as well as notable kings and chiefs of yester year. Italian black and white floor tiles, giant Zulu earplugs, hand drawn map of Zululand, paddle fans, Oregon Pine cladded counters and surfaces.

Memory Boxes filled with Zululand mythology and small historical artefacts along with old clocks and the Zulu Blonde “Legend” and “Heritage” art collaborations all creating wonderful talking points. Rusted and floating Zulu pots wall that as well as clay heads resembling King Shaka. Book shelves filled with priceless book collections on Zululand history. Wrought iron chandeliers and light fittings against a white washed brick looks like it was laid in the late 1800’s. Hand crafted wood, wrought iron and brass finishes. Contemporary fabrics designed in Zululand.

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