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Why the name Zulu Blonde?

“Just like you get different kinds of wine you also get different kinds of beer, and blonde is a style of beer. The technical side of a blonde is half wheat and half barley, although we don’t put too much wheat in it because we don’t want it to be too sweet. That’s why it’s such a good beer because it isn’t too sweet.

A lot of women also like our beer. And obviously with the brewery being in Zululand, the name Zulu Blonde came about. The brand worked so well because immediately a person’s mind is ticking: what is a Zulu Blonde, is it a blonde-haired Zulu? But at the same time they are thinking, you know what, a blonde is a kind of beer. “

ABV 4.5%

Zulu Blonde has been the flagship beer of The Zululand Brewing Company for the past 19 years. Zulu Blonde is an easy drinking session beer. Amber in colour, a crisp somewhat malty blonde Ale. Marginally fruity in flavour with notes of citrus, finished with a purposeful light bitter after taste. In 2010 Zulu Blonde was launched in the UK in over 900 pubs where it was voted Best Beer at the Wetherspoons International Real Ale Festival.

Coming from Eshowe, which is rich in Zulu history and culture, our beers all have a bit of a story behind their names

Zulu Blonde

A crisp, malty liquid with a shadowy flight into the world of a man who does not exist.
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